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Beyond the PhD – What’s Next? How to Find and Reach Your Goals

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25. März 2021 - 26. März 2021



Writing a PhD thesis is a time of many challenges and a decisive step in your professional career. As you approach the final stage of your PhD – or, ideally, even some time before this – you need to start looking ahead and beyond the thesis alone. „What’s next?!“ This question may seem like an inefficient distraction from your thesis, yet not addressing it proactively might mean that it lingers in the back of your head, taking energy away from your research.

After a PhD, early career researchers have many options: You can stay on the academic path, starting as a postdoc and striving for a professorship in the future. Or, you might want to look for a change – move into the business and industry world, start your own entrepreneurial project, work for an NGO or non-profit-organisation etc. Different people may give you all sorts of advice, and it can be hard to find out what you actually want for yourself.

Aims: This workshop aims to help you find answers to essential questions for your next steps beyond the PhD:

  • What are your personal competencies? What is it that you are good at and that you love to do? Which job options do these skills open up for you?
  • What do you want from a job? When are you feeling most productive in a working environment?
  • What other goals do you have in life and how can you combine your professional and personal vision?

Certifcate: Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Language: English

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