05 Jul
29 Jul

EUGLOH: Writing Global Health

Öffnungszeiten / Beginn:

5. Juli 2021 - 29. Juli 2021



Writing Global Health is now in its third edition! Come and join us for this virtual workshop series that aims to narrate, communicate, and disseminate global health science and research on a global scale. We build this scale with our workshop participants through both a sensitisation towards multiple modes and media and a critical assessment of what works, when, and where. Drawing on research and scientific exchanges within the EUGLOH project, we ground this workshop in the core literary traditions of storytelling and creative writing, extending these ideas into the realm of scientific popularisation. We welcome projects of all sizes and ambitions as we explore possibilities of communicating your work within EUGLOH (and your individual research on global health) to a broader public.

Target Group: Students (preferably Master and PhD) and staff


  • 1 ECTS (normal workload): approximately 30 hours, half of them in synchronous sessions and the other half in asynchronous workload or
  • 3 ECTS (extra workload): normal workload + students continue to compile material after the end of the course and write a report

Diese Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt. Please find further information about the event and registration on the website.

The European University Alliance for Global Health (EUGLOH) brings together five universities from across Europe. Together they form a “European University” to develop interdisciplinary projects in the field of Global Health.

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