International Health (Master/Hauptfach)

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The post-graduate Master of Science program in International Health (MSc IH) is conducted by the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine - Teaching and Training Unit (T&TU) and the CIHLMU Center for International Health.

The MSc in International Health is designed for experienced health professionals. Thus, a minimum of 2 years prior work experience is required to be accepted to and benefit from this advanced program. The MSc focuses on health-related challenges in low- and middle-income settings. The interdisciplinary approach aims to provide students with knowledge in international and global health, covering global public health, infectious and non-communicable diseases, chronic diseases, health economics and politics. Furthermore, students will be trained in research methods and skills in order to conduct research for their MSc thesis.

With international participants and small groups, individual guidance will be provided and lectures take place in the beautiful city of Munich. Besides emphasizing an interactive teaching approach, we also strive to deliver lectures that cover contemporary research in International Health including critical appraisal and discussion of topics.

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International Health (Master)
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
2 Fachsemester

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