Media, Management and Digital Technologies (Master/Hauptfach)

Beschreibung des Studienfachs

The MMT is a specialized and interdisciplinary program that serves to train future leaders and founders in digital businesses with expertise in the intersection of media, management and digital technologies. The program attracts highly talented and ambitious students from all over Europe and the world with academic backgrounds in business and informatics. The MMT is jointly offered by the Munich School of Management and the Institute for Informatics at the LMU Munich.

What makes the MMT special?

  • Offered by one of Europe's most renowned universities
  • Entails unique and future-oriented courses with distinct entrepreneurial orientation
  • Provides small classes for maximized learning success
  • Taught by leading researchers
  • Closely collaborates with well-known corporate partners
  • Provides outstanding career perspectives

The MMT curriculum consists of five major building blocks:

  • Business and Technology: Courses integrate contents from business and informatics. Course formats are highly interactive and will be partly conducted as "project courses" in collaboration with industry partners.
  • Media Business: Courses address media-related topics from a business perspective.
  • Media Technologies: Courses address media-related issues from a technological perspective.
  • Electives: Students have the opportunity to elect courses from business and informatics according to their preferences and interests. A broad catalogue of courses is provided by the Business and Informatics faculties. Each student acquires 18 ECTS credit points, thereof at least 6 credit points in each discipline.
  • Finale Module: Students write their master thesis about a relevant topic at an institute from the Munich School of Management or the Institute for Informatics.

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Media, Management and Digital Technologies (Master)
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
4 Fachsemester

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Zulassungsmodus 1. Semester
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