Integration (Consulting)

Integration operates from eight offices, in seven countries, across three continents.

As a business consultancy that not only designs solutions but also implements our recommendations, we want to be as close as possible to our clients. From our base locations, we operate internationally, as we believe it’s important to experience our clients’ reality, whether that’s through working at their local offices or visiting the organizations that make up their global supply chain.

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Our approach combines solid technical knowledge with practical methodologies.

We organize ourselves by areas of functional expertise (Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain, Finance & Management, Implementation, and Leadership & Organization) – our practices – and competence centers; (Tech & Digital Lab, ID One® Accredited Centre, and Sustainability). To deliver the best solution to our clients, we work with integrated teams guaranteeing the expertise needed to solve the problem, transferring ideas, best practices, and lessons learned from one industry to another.

Local knowledge complemented by international experience.

Our teams bring deep understanding of local business ecosystems, and through their international experience are also able to provide perspective on and understand the complexities of doing business internationally. It is this blend of highly local and global knowledge which has made us invaluable partners to many multinational brands such as PepsiCo, Kraft Heinz, Johnson & Johnson and COTY.

No matter where you operate, we would be delighted to work with you.

We have completed projects for over 860 clients across more than 75 countries. Explore our offices and engage with our local teams through the links below or view our industry experience or consulting services to find out more about how we help our clients.

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