Cardiovascular Research, Stroke Research, Inflammation Research (Bernhagen)

Department / Institute
Institute for Stroke and Dementia Research
Subject area
Cardiovascular research, stroke research, inflammation research
Name of Supervisor
Professor Dr. rer. nat. Jürgen Bernhagen
Number of open positions
Project titles
1. MIF-family proteins in ischemic stroke
Language requirements
Academic requirements
Master in Biological Sciences, i.e. Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Medical Chemistry, Molecular Biotechnology or similar
or Master in Medicine with speciality in Cardiology, Neurology, or Immune and Inflammatory Diseases

Project description

MIF-family proteins in ischemic stroke

MIF proteins are inflammatory cytokines with chemokine-like activities that play a well-described pivotal role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, other cardiovascular conditions, and various inflammatory diseases. Initial reports have suggested that MIF (MIF-1) plays a causal role in ischemic stroke, but the underlying mechanism and the role of novel MIF family members and the interplay with the MIF receptors in unclear. Interestingly, intracellular activities of MIF have recently been implied and sex-specific effects have been observed. We will unravel the mechanism behind these observations and characterize the role of MIF proteins and their receptors in their entirety in ischemic stroke. The thesis will be inherently embedded into this task and cover a substantial part of these project aims.

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