Nano-Institute Munich: Experimental Physics / Nanophotonics (Maier/Menezes) 3 

Department / Institute
Physics Department / Chair of Hybrid Nanosystems
Subject area
Experimental Physics / Nanophotonics
Name of Supervisors
Prof. Dr. Stefan A. Maier / Prof. Dr. Leonardo de Souza Menezes
Number of open positions
Project title
Nonreciprocal light: lasing and propagation
Language requirements
Applicants should be fluent in English.
Academic requirements
Applicants should have a good knowledge in advanced electromagnetic theory and strong knowledge in optical characterization techniques. Skills with computational simulations are highly desirable.
Stefan Maier
Leonardo de Souza Menezes

Project description

The phenomenon of Faraday effect, broadly used in light diodes (or optical isolators), relies on the fact that light behaves differently when propagating in opposite directions through a material with a nonvanishing Verdet constant. The light unreciprocity in this case comes from the magnetic properties of the Faraday material used in the optical isolator, when under action of an external magnetic field. 1- and 2D waveguides presenting unreciprocal light propagation can be very useful in projecting photonic circuits with new functionalities. Similarly, the design of metasurfaces with unreciprocal light properties can be important in the design of new sensors and platforms for investigating nonlinear phenomena, like lasing. The investigation of this subject paves the way to the study of chiral nanostructures. The project will focus on theoretical studies of light unreciprocity in various kinds of optical structures and on the fabrication and characterization of the most promising ones.

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