Occupational Safety and Sustainability


The responsibilies of the Occupational Safety and Sustainability Unit (AuN) cover the following areas: occupational safety, biological security, fire prevention, transport of hazardous materials, radiation safety and animal welfare. The Unit therefore plays a central role in advising staff members and their superiors on matters relating to these issues.

The Unit appoints authorized representatives of the University to whom responsibility for each of these areas is delegated. It also provides advice and guidance for these officers, and all other staff members, on request.

In addition to these tasks, the Unit is responsible for environmental protection and sustainability. As well as organizing central waste-disposal procedures, it supervises LMU's contribution to the Ecoprofit (Ökoprofit) scheme inaugurated by the city of Munich.


  • Andreas Karner (Head of Unit)
  • Gisela Niemeier (Deputy Head of Unit)


For more information, see the Service Portal (password protected)

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LMU staff will find detailed descriptions of the services provided by the Unit, together with all relevant forms and contact details, in the Service Portal.

More general information and contact details on Occupational Safety and Sustainability is also available on our website.

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