#EXCELLerate. LMU Postdoc Career Days

In May 2022, the LMU postdocs event series will be held to provide information and allow for discussion on various career topics – from career planning to funding issues and work-life balance.

EXCELLerate your career! Extensive information and workshop program

LMU offers researchers excellent general conditions to develop their careers. Right after a doctorate, graduates often have very fundamental questions: Which career path fits best, and what steps do I need to take for reaching my goals? How can I become a professor? Which funding schemes are a good fit and how do I write a competitive proposal? How can I shape my career inside or outside academia? And how can I maintain a healthy work-life balance?

At our Career Days 2022, we offer LMU postdocs an extensive program of lectures and workshops. Funding opportunities, academic and non-academic careers as well as work-life balance issues will be addressed and discussed extensively. The events will be held mostly in English and online. The proposal workshops are also open to postdoctoral candidates from other institutions if they would like to transfer to LMU after submitting a successful proposal and are already in contact with a host at LMU.

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Fund your career

Third-party funding as a building block for a successful academic career. Here you will receive orientation and advice.

Lectures, workshops, trainings

Design your career

What is the right approach to my career and what are the next steps for me? What you should know to make good decisions.

Lectures, workshops, trainings

Balance your career

How can work-life balance be successful? Practical tips and techniques that ensure more balance.

Lectures, workshops, trainings

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