Conflict counseling and anti-discrimination

LMU provides university members with a wide range of options for dealing with conflicts and discrimination — actively contributing to a discrimination-free environment with equal opportunities.

This is how you can act:

  • First seek out a personal conversation.
  • Get support from within your study or work environment or the faculty itself.
  • In cases of conflict: Get support from the conflict resolution officers for students or academic staff or contact the staff council for employees, who will support you in resolving conflicts.
  • In the event of discrimination: If you experience discriminatory behavior, contact the anti-discrimination officers or the other specialized counseling and contact points. They will support and advise you on your options.

Dealing with discrimination

Students, academic staff, or administrative and technical employees can seek help from the following counseling and outreach centers if they experience discrimination or sexual harassment.

Further information

Further information about discrimination as well as a database of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency with external support services can be accessed on the following pages.

Our anti-discrimination officers introduce themselves

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Campus emergency contact numbers

Important emergency information

  • Who are you?
    Provide your name
  • Where is the dangerous situation?
    LMU, building address, floor, phone number.
  • Why are you calling?
    What type of danger are you or others in?
  • How many?
    How many people are immediately at risk and where are they exactly?

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