Diversity Month 2021

18 May is national Diversity Day 2021 and it’s going to kick start LMU’s very own Diversity Month 2021. Under the slogan "WeCare@LMU," the University seeks to create awareness around the importance of promoting a healthy environment. This will run from 18 May to 30 June.

This year, LMU is once again flying the #FlagforDiversity. Our participation in German Diversity Day is about demonstrating commitment to building diversity, equal opportunities and participation.

Under the slogan "WeCare@LMU," we'll be using Diversity Month from 18 May to 30 June 2021, to raise awareness on creating a healthy environment.

Physical and mental wellbeing are essential prerequisites for our ability to perform and participate socially. Establishing the right balance between studying, working and leisure time — and drawing on support offered within one's immediate environment — can have a positive effect on our sense of health and promote social participation. The activities organized as part of this campaign target university students and staff as well as the general public.

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Whether it’s presentations, workshops, trial sessions or videos, Diversity Month 2021 comprises numerous different digital formats. A detailed overview of the program as well as event registration links can be found under the relevant, individual sections.

Give it all! — "WeCare@LMU"

LMU main building with Diversity Matters banner

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1:36 min (source: LMU Munich) | 1 Jun 2021

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