Technician Position in Organic Synthesis and Solid Phase Synthesis

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy - LMU – Department of Pharmacy - W3 chair of chemical biology
Start date
next possible point of time
Application deadline
31 Jul 2021
Remuneration group
TV-L, depending on qualification up to E9
Contract duration
initially temporary - 2 years - with the option to become permanent

Tasks and responsibilities

In the context of the research program of the chair of chemical biology, a main mission will be to run automated solid phase synthesizers of aromatic oligoamides to serve the various projects of the group, including the adaptation and optimization of the protocols. Other missions include contributions to the large scale synthesis of the aromatic amino acid building blocks, and to the implementation of HPLC analysis and purification. The position will thus interface synthetic skills and instrument management skills.

The technician’s activities will encompass (1) planning and implementing automated syntheses; (2) controlling and maintaining the automated synthesizers; (3) setting up chemical reactions to prepare and purify aromatic and heterocyclic amino acids on scales up to tens or hundreds of grams, according to established protocols; (4) implementing analyses and purifications by HPLC; (5) controlling and characterizing the synthesized molecules using routine spectroscopic techniques; (6) writing down experimental protocols in English; and (7) properly maintaining a laboratory notebook. The technician will also: (8) oversee that hygiene and safety rules are well respected in the laboratory and show best practices; (9) supervise the organization of the laboratory chemical stockroom using a dedicated software. Other activities include (10) contribute to the maintenance of chromatographic instruments.


Formal requirement: You have completed training as a BTA / MTA / CTA / PTA / laboratory assistant or a comparable qualification

General and theoretical knowledge: General knowledge of chemistry and in particular of organic chemistry. General knowledge of methods used to purify (chromatographic techniques) and identify (nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry) of synthesized organic molecules.

Practical know-how: Master the technical principles of preparation of organic molecules (anhydrous conditions, temperature, micro-wave, pressure). Master different purification methods (crystallization, silicagel column liquid chromatography; preparative HPLC), their principle and their specificity. Handle reagents and implement chemical techniques while respecting hygiene and safety rules. Prior experience in solid phase synthesis is desirable but no indispensable.

Language skills. The group is an international environment and a very good command of oral and written English is indispensable for daily use. The technician should be comfortable reading and writing technical documents and experimental protocols in English.

Other skills. Work in interaction with the research group. Use bibliographic research tools. Interact with instrument suppliers and maintenance and after sale services. Anticipate on needs for parts, consumables and reagents. Have a good knowledge of hygiene and safety rules. Have a good knowledge of the risks associated with the techniques and reagents used. Have a good understanding of the organization of the laboratory and of its research program to understand the stakes and objectives of analyses and purifications.


  • Remuneration according to TV-L, depending on qualification up to E9
  • Start date: 'next possible point of time'
  • initially temporary - 2 years - with the option to become permanent
  • women are welcome

Also possible in a part-time capacity.

People with disabilities who are equally as qualified as other applicants will receive preferential treatment.


Prof. Dr. Ivan Huc
Department Pharmazie
Zentrum für Pharmaforschung
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Butenandtstr. 5-13
81377 München


Please send your detailed application documents exclusively - latest 31.07.2021 - by e-mail (one PDF, maximum file size 5 MB) with the keyword "TA application" to Prof. Ivan Huc E-Mail.


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