29 Apr

Studying with a Child: Day care

Opening hours / Beginning:

10:00 am - 11:30 am

29 April 2021

LMU's Counseling Service Studying with a Child, which is part of the Central Student Advisory Office, is the primary pount of contact for students who have children, pregnant students and fathers-to-be, as well as prospective students with children and students who plan to start a family.

Pediatirc sociologist Sonja Simnacher from Munich Student Services will give a talk on the childcare facilities available for the children of students in the city. On request, she will also deal with issues such as the reimbursement of the costs of childcare, the supports instituted by the measures included in the latest set of educational reforms and, if necessary, the legal entitlement to a place in a nursery school. A member of LMU's Advisory Service "Studying with a Child" will also be on hand to answer any questions concerning the organization and scheduling of studies, and applications for leave of absence at LMU.

This event is primarily intended for students who are pregnant, fathers-to-be, students with children, and all those interested in the topics outlined above. Children are welcome to attend!

This is an online event, and will take place via Zoom

Registration Even though the event will be held in German, please feel free to join the discussion wit english questions.

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