European Studies Winter School (online)

The Online European Studies Winter School offers introductory lectures on the European Union as a preparation for analyzing today’s identity politics in Europe. Participants will therefore not only become experts on the EU’s history, policy-making structure and policy priorities but also discuss how decades of European governance, migration flows, and recent crises phenomena impact on European citizens’ identity formation and political mobilization in societal conflict. In order to understand how identity politics plays out in different EU member states and the transnational European realm, participants will attend online lectures, round-table sessions and asynchronic discussions via LMU’s e-learning platform. Besides, participants may apply for and attend the Online German Language Course in parallel.

Please note that the Online Winter School will be offered twice a day during the program allowing participants to either attend morning or evening sessions (Munich time) in light of their respective time zone. For further information, please consult the program Website.

Remote Winter School and German Language Class

Academic Host
The Chair of Political Systems and European Integration at LMU Munich, the Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP)
- History of European integration
- Crisis politics in the European Union: Euro crisis, migration crisis, Ukraine crisis, Brexit, COVID 19 crisis
- Identity politics in the EU: national and European identities, politicization, and conflict within and across European societies
Aim of the Course
To provide students with a broad understanding on the historical development, the economic, societal, political and philosophical dimensions of the European integration project and setting a focus on today’s identity politics in the EU. Moreover, we offer German language classes for beginners.
Language of Instruction
Form of Instruction
- 30 (online) live sessions; daily online live sessions will take place via Zoom
- daily self-study tasks include course reading, quizzes, group work; seminar reading
3 - 21 January 2022
Application Deadline
1 November 2021
Max. No. of Participants
EU studies (6 ECTS), language class (3 ECTS)
Graded LMU certificate or ungraded certificate of participation
Further Information on Costs and Registration

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