Medical Research Summer School: Bench to Bedside and Back (BBB)

BBB is a novel international teaching format by means of which students are exposed to medical research in an academic medical environment. They learn how to prevent and handle medical errors in everyday clinical life and train clinical reasoning in the form of clinical case discussions.

Academic Host
Faculty of Medicine
All participants have an opportunity to register for the core module on medical research and 3 selectives. They can attend all the courses without any overlapping. It is also possible to choose individual sub-topics within a module, in the form of workshops, according to their main focus of interest.
The organizing committee also includes faculty from Lund University in Sweden and Washington University in the US. The Summer School is interactive, highlighting the way of thinking and experimental planning in life sciences. The students will learn to give presentations, write abstracts and engage in critical reading.
Target Group
The course is intended for more advanced medical students from Jimma, Lund, Munich and St. Louis. Parts of the curriculum are also suitable for other medical professions e.g. nurses and students in other fields such as biology, biochemistry, and even philosophy. If any places are left unfilled, they will be opened up for applications from international students, with students from LMU partner universities being given priority. After that, a waiting list is drawn up.
Aim of the Course
The implementation of the results of research can affect patient care, and ethical aspects. In the process, they get to know the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures specific to different countries for selected cases and undertake a critical examination of their own and the foreign health systems. Also, they learn to be competent as a clinical team and to “Decide wisely – treat safely”.
Language of Instruction
Form of Instruction
August 2022
Max. No. of Participants
20 (including LMU students)
6 ECTS (will be updated soon)
Further Information, Application Deadline, Costs
and Registration
International Virtual Summer School, Faculty of Medicine

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