Bench to Bedside and Back (BBB)

Discover more about translational research. Practice clinical reasoning and learn how to improve patient safety. Connect with universities around the world.

  • BBB is devoted to translational research and includes not only expert seminars with LMU and the international partners, but also training sessions on Patient Safety and Clinical Reasoning in the form of Clinical Case Discussions. The latter is also considered from the point of view of Global Health aspects and by comparing health systems.
    In addition, there is a longitudinal module where "Clinician Scientist" competences are acquired and promoted. These range from Abstract Writing to preparing for scientific conferences and the students’ later work as doctors (the doctor as a teacher in the clinical environment) and Academic Feedback.
  • The international network universities include Lund University in Sweden, Washington University in the US and Jimma University in Ethiopia.

Academic Host
Faculty of Medicine
All participants have an opportunity to register for the core module on Medical Research and 3 selectives & workshops.
It is also possible to choose individual sub-topics within a module, according to your main focus of interest. You can attend all the courses without any overlapping.
Target Group
The course is open to all ​Medicine students in principle, though candidates studying at one of the network universities are given preference.
Parts of the curriculum are also suitable for other medical professions e.g. nurses and students in other fields such as biology, biochemistry, and even philosophy.
Aim of the Course
To discover and promote potential and talent among the next generation of clinician scientists and to encourage students’ interest in research and development.
Language of Instruction (LEVEL)
Form of Instruction
The course is held twice a year, in March and August
Application Deadline
Max. No. of Participants
20 (including LMU students)
Max. 6 ECTS points
Core module: 2
Selectives and workshops: 1 per course unit
Further Information, Application Deadline, Costs
and Registration
Excellence Program for Students

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