Remote European Studies Winter School

We are offering a profound introduction to the European Union. Beyond European history and the EU's institutions, we will discuss key aspects of the European Union: The Member States of the European Union; the EU in International Affairs; European Economic Affairs; the EU's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. The program takes place as a remote online course combining daily self-study tasks with daily live seminar sessions with the lecturer. As in classroom-based teaching, you meet your lecturer and your fellow students in a virtual classroom via Zoom.

Academic Host
The Chair of Political Systems and European Integration at LMU Munich, the Center for Applied Policy Research (CAP)
combination of online live sessions and daily self-study tasks
- 30 online live sessions; daily online live sessions will take place via Zoom
- daily self-study tasks include course reading, quizzes, group work; seminar reading and tasks will be provided via LMU's learning platform
Aim of the Course
To provide students with a broad understanding on the historical development, the economic, societal, political and philosophical dimensions of the European integration project. Moreover, we offer German Language classes for beginners.
Language of Instruction
Form of Instruction
2 – 22 January, 2021
Application Deadline
1 December 2020
Max. No. of Participants
EU Studies (6 ECTS); language class (3 ECTS)
Graded LMU Certificate or ungraded Certificate of participation
Further Information, Costs and Registration
Possibly free of charge or reduction of fee for students of LMU partner universities.

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