The 200 Euro one-time payment for students

The 200 Euro one-time payment offers financial relief to students registered at a university or a university of applied sciences. The payment is intended to compensate young people facing increased costs for heating, electricity and groceries.

Only those students who were registered on 1 December 2022 are eligible to receive the 200 Euro one-time payment, according to the Students’ Energy Price Allowance Act (EPPSG); those not eligible include visiting students and visiting students in the study program for senior citizens as well as students in Studienkolleg (Studiengang Vorbereitungsstudium für ausländische Studienbewerberinnen und Studienbewerber).

The application for the 200 Euro one-time payment can only be filed online at This website also offers detailed information and explanations as well as help solving problems.

To file the application you need an acces code provided to you by the university. You can get this access code via the Online-Selbstbedienungsfunktion für Studierende. There you will also get the PIN which is necessary in certain instances.

LMU Munich is only responsible for providing students with an acces code and a PIN. For questions on the application process or your BundID, please use directly the contacts made available at Kontaktmöglichkeiten.


If you no longer recall your LMU identification or password, please contact directly the IT-Servicedesk.

Those students who are no longer registered but eligible to file will continue to have access to the Online-Selbstbedienungsfunktion until the end of the filing period (30 September 2023).

Please go to for detailed explanations and help answering questions. You may also contact directly the Info-Hotline at +49 800 2623 003 . You can reach them Tuesday through Thursday from 8 am until 4 pm and on Friday from 8 am until noon.

Since LMU Munich is not involved in the application process, we regret that we cannot be of any assistance answering questions.

Only eligible students are provided with an access code. If you believe you are eligible to file, however, you are not provided with an access code, please contact directly the Studentenkanzlei Sachgebiet 2 or call SIS at 089 2180-9000.

If you were registered at more than one university on 1 December 2022, each of those universities will provide you with an access code and a PIN.

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