Top 10 Arrival Checklist

Getting ready to study? At the beginning you're probably going to have heaps of questions and to-dos. This checklist will make taking those first steps towards studying a lot easier.

  1. First things first — enrollment. During registration you will have received some important tools: your LMU user ID, your email account and your registration number. But don't worry, at LMU you are so much more than just a number!
  2. Let’s get down to the most important stuff first: WiFi. Wondering how you get it quickly? Easy. Just contact the IT Service Desk. While you're at it, be sure to find out about their most important IT offers.
  3. Next up it's LSF — this is the Campus Management System. You can use this to create your timetable, register for seminars and exams, and even view your grades... Doesn't get more serious than that, right? But how does it all work? You can get help either at the introductory courses or you can check out the information here to find out the next steps.
  4. By the way, if you're not sure which courses you need, you can find out using your Study and Examination Regulations. Visit an introductory course and get started! Ask questions! Get to know your fellow students — after all, you're one yourself now.
  5. LMUcard for students: Your LMUcard is your most important document! It's a student ID card, MVV semester ticket for Munich public transport, library card and Mensa cafeteria card all rolled into one. What's more, you can use your card's payment function on any copying machine, scanner and printer equipped with a card reader in the library.
  6. Speaking of the library, welcome to your new second home. Perhaps you'd like to attend a course now and again — on how to find the right literature, for example?
  7. There are 22,000 rooms at LMU. Gone and got yourself lost? The LMU Room Finder will sort you out.
  8. FAQ: The three most frequent questions
  • Is there Uni on public holidays?
  • 2. What about my semester ticket?
    You'd better take a closer look at the MVV, Munich public transport site.
  • 3. Does my course start on the hour or always at quarter past?
    Very simple: s.t. = on time; c.t. = 15 minutes later. Don't forget academic pros don't run!

9. And if everything goes wrong — who do I ask? can call the Study Information Service (SIS). Current LMU students are happy to answer your questions. Got a specific question about your degree program? There's academic counseling (at faculty level) that will be happy to help. Regarding general questions about studying (e.g. admissions, registration or decision / orientation support) the Central Student Advisory Office will lend a helping hand. They also offer expert advice for students with disabilities as well as student parents. The Munich Student Union (Studentenwerk München) is there to help with the economic, social and cultural aspects of studying at a univeristy in Munich. Otherwise your fellow students and the LMU Student Council are sure to be able to give you some tips.

10. Have you done all the administration work? Very good. Then sit back for a moment and concentrate on settling in to LMU and your studies. Enjoy your first lectures and courses and start your studies off successfully — just as you mean to go on!

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