IT services for students

Want to get WiFi on campus? Interested in getting a free email account, Office- and antivirus programs? Fish out your LMU user ID — it's the gateway to all of these services and more. Discover, here, the kind of tech support and services LMU provides its students.

Activating your email account

You’ll receive your password and login for activation when you register at LMU.

In order to be able to use online services, you must be registered and have activated your personal access to the university network yourself. Activation is required so that you can use online functions like course and examination registration, and receive important information from the University via your personal email address. If you are already using a different email address, you should be sure to set up a redirect function for your Campus LMU email address. In order to use the complete range of study information services, you'll be required to set up a security question.

Connecting your laptop

To connect to the WiFi (WLAN) — available in all university buildings — install the VPN.

Digital applications for students

Your toolbox in LMU's Workspace for Students

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Your toolbox

Set up your personal digital workplace: Your toolbox will provide you with access to all the functions required for your studies. After a simple registration process you will be able to log in and tailor your digital workplace by selecting the most valuable tools for you. You can also add new tools or delete those no longer required.

IT Servicedesk

The IT Servicedesk is here to help if you wish to get an LMU user ID, have forgotten your password, or need support using the wireless network. Check out their opening hours (in German).

Online self-service function for students

From your application for an LMUcard to study certificates, LMU offers numerous online self-service functions for its students.

On-site services

LMU has two large computer/video labs next to the Library in the main university building. Here you’ll find computers where you can get online and also access the many databases only available on the university network. Additionally, you can order printed posters, create PDFs, and a lot more. Most departments also have their own computer labs. Just ask!

Other IT services

If you want to find out more about the IT services we offer, visit the IT Servicedesk website as well as the Leibniz Data Center (LRZ) website.

Information about subject-specific online services such as MeCuM-Online — a service for medical students — can be located on each of the individual subject pages under departments.

The Office for Disability Services offers additional support concerning technical aids for students with disabilities.

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