Workshops on study skills and co.

Are you lacking motivation in your studies? Are you looking for helpful learning strategies? Do you have doubts about your studies? In addition to personal counseling sessions, the Central Student Advisory Service offers various events to support students.

Doubts about your studies

Are you experiencing study-related problems? Are you having second thoughts about your choice of subject and are perhaps even considering dropping out? These counseling services and web addresses will help you analyze your doubts in more detail and get appropriate support.

Study skills and exam preparation: workshop series

How do you "study" successfully? This is the question addressed in the three-part workshop. At the beginning of the semester we will look at ways of organizing daily study routines and how to apply long-term learning techniques. Next up we work on staying motivated and speak about effective exam preparation, using appropriate learning and planning strategies. Finally, with exams coming up, we speak about last-minute revision techniques and methods to combat exam stress. Please, visit the German website for further information and registration.

Studying with confidence: workshop

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If you want to reflect on your self-perception and build up confidence for your studies, join our workshop! We will give you input on these topics, and you can use the chance to exchange ideas with other students. Please see the German website for dates and registration details.

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