Neurosciences (Master/Hauptfach)

Beschreibung des Studienfachs

How does the brain work? Significant progress has been made in the field of cellular and molecular neuroscience, and modern in vivo techniques have revolutionized non-invasive observation of brain activity even in humans. Today's challenges lies in understanding the brain as a complex functioning system and many problem remain to be solved.

The members of our teaching faculty, which include GSN or guest lecturers from external institutions, believe that the overwhelming complexity of the human brain can only be explained by applying different approaches and methods of the disciplines in neuroscience. The Master progam constantly works on educating a new generation of neuroscientists. With an excellent understanding of the molecular, cellular and systemic principles of neurobiology, our students acquire a deeper knowledge of neuron-neuron interaction, the dynamics of neuron-glia interaction, rules of information transfer in simple and complex circuits of single brain centers, interaction of different brain centers, and the function of the human brain. This educational concept of the Master Program in Neurosciences can be seen reflected in the curriculum.

Erwünschtes Profil

Am I Qualified?

  • have a genuine interest in neurosciences
  • seek interdisciplinary training in order to understand the brain as a whole
  • hold an appropriate degree (see program requirements below) in biology, medical sciences, engineering, physics, bioinformatics, computersciences, psychology, philosophy or other related fields
  • the program is highly competitive, therefore above average grades are of advantage
  • promising candidates holding a Bachelor degree may be recommended by the selection committee for direct admission to the PhD fast-track program, linking the Master and PhD programs with a preparatory year before the dissertation phase

Fakten auf einen Blick

Neurosciences (Master)
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
4 Fachsemester

Bewerbung und Zulassung

Formale Studienvoraussetzung
Zulassungsmodus 1. Semester
Zulassungsmodus höheres Semester

In order to be admitted to the Master's program in Neurosciences, a first professional university degree of at least 180 ECTS points or an equivalent degree from Germany or abroad in biology, psychology, medicine, physics or a related subject is required in addition to successful participation in an aptitude procedure. Further information (dates, deadlines, documents) here.

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Master Neurosciences

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Der Studiengang im Detail

The curriculum offers students flexibility, as well as the opportunity to sharpen their academic profile. Students can choose courses along either a Systemic-Cellular-Molecular Neuroscience track or a Computational Neuroscience track. Regardless of the selected track, all students will complete coursework within the other area, however, at a more moderate level.

An overview of the MSc Neurosciences Curriculum can be found here.

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