Information regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Corona regulations update:

The Corona Occupational Health and Safety Regulation will expire prematurely at the end of 01.02.2023 (originally at the end of 07.04.2023).

As a result, all central Corona protection measures of the LMU will also lose their validity on 02.02.2023 and the obligation of the university institutions to check whether additional protective measures are required by means of an individual risk assessment will end.

For employees for whom infection with the Corona virus represents an increased health risk, the necessary measures are to be coordinated in consultation with the attending physician - if necessary with the involvement of the company medical service.

For the time being, home office can be arranged on a voluntary basis, provided that the technical possibilities exist and orderly business operations permit this. The holders of management functions shall be responsible for regulating the details.

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