LMU is one of Europe’s leading research institutions. With its highly diversified array of disciplines, it has outstanding potential for pioneering research.

Outstanding research record

The expertise and dedication of LMU's faculty and staff are the basis for its distinguished record of accomplishments in research.

Research profile

LMU describes its research profile in terms of six profile areas that are oriented towards overarching scientific questions and research topics.

Research profile

Quantum Science - foundations for tomorrow's technologies

Hopes in the quantum sciences are high. LMU explores the phenomena of the quantum world and their applications to pressing problems of our time.

Quantum science at LMU

Artificial Intelligence — exploring the frontiers of knowledge

A central hub for highly innovative research in Europe, LMU Munich plays a key role in researching both opportunities and challenges of AI.

Research on AI

Great moments in research

Today, scholars and scientists at LMU are enhancing our understanding of the world and helping to change it for the better. ScienceHistory focuses on the careers and accomplishments of their most illustrious precursors.

  1. Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius
  2. Max von Pettenkofer
  3. Adele Hartmann
  4. Max Weber


Bavaria’s Humboldt

Darwin’s theory of evolution is still 40 years away. But naturalists are swarming over the globe to explore its flora and fauna. Some return with huge collections – and become celebrities. One such was Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius. Learn more

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Hygiene becomes science

Everywhere people fall ill with cholera: The city of Munich asks Max von Pettenkofer, professor of chemical medicine, for help. The world's first institute for hygiene is created at LMU, changing the history of medicine. Learn more


Germany’s first female lecturer

In the early 20th century, most resistance to women on campus came from faculty members. Many famous academics rejected the idea of women intruding on ‘their’ domain. Germany’s first "Privatdozentin" had to fight hard for her position. Learn more


Understanding how society ticks

Max Weber was a pioneer of sociology, and his writings have had a huge influence. He spent the last year of his life at LMU – closely attuned to the social upheavals that followed the First World War. Learn more


At LMU Munich, on 10 December 1901, Conrad Wilhelm Röntgen won the inaugural Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of a new kind of radiation, X-rays, which in Germany are called “Röntgen rays” in his honor. Learn more

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With its Academic Career Program, LMU offers you optimal opportunities to boost your career.

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LMU offers a first-class infrastructure for basic research and the transfer to application.

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Knowledge thrives on academic exchange: Welcome to one of the most renowned universities in Europe.

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We take diversity seriously

LMU strives to create conditions in which everyone's talents are appreciated, and all are treated with due respect.


Exceptional infrastructure

Institutions and services

At LMU, researchers from all over the world encounter excellent conditions for their work — in their own research field and in interdisciplinary networks alike.

Campus Martinsried

Student research

Renowned professors within the LMU research community will provide students with the perfect platform to launch their careers and develop the research skills needed for the future.

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