EUGLOH – European University Alliance for Global Health

Together with its EUGLOH partner universities, LMU is forming a “European University” to develop interdisciplinary projects in the field of Global Health.

For more information and current events, see the EUGLOH website.

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LMU has joined forces with the universities of Paris-Saclay, Lund, Porto and Szeged to create a "European University", a pilot project of the European Commission.

"European Universities" are transnational university alliances that cooperate to create an integrated campus, offering students, staff and researchers to move seamlessly across borders and institutions. Thus, the EUGLOH partners will pool their expertise, platforms and resources to deliver joint curricula and modules covering various disciplines of global health. These flexible curricula will allow students to personalize their education, choosing what, where and when to study and to obtain a European degree.

EUGLOH is now in its pilot phase.

In the first funding round, the EU Commission is providing a total of 85 million euros to the 17 networks involved. LMU is the only Bavarian university represented in any of these networks. In 2021, the European University Networks will be extended in the context of the new Erasmus+ program.

At LMU, EUGLOH is coordinated by project manager Eva Pettinato (International Office) and supported by an academic board chaired by Prof. Katja Radon. As outreach officers, Dr. Jessica Gerlich, Ashley Haberman-Lawson as well as Dr. Laura Wengenroth (Center for International Health) are furthermore in charge of the project’s work package on “Dissemination & Sustainability”, which is led by LMU. As supporting project manager, Anna Schwark (Career Services) is also a member of EUGLOH’s project management team at LMU.

LMU receives additional funding through a national DAAD top-up program, which finances support for communication and dissemination, the development of virtual courses and internships, as well as a doctoral mobility program.

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