LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum 2023

6 - 8 November 2023 at LMU Munich


The Scientific Forum is a central element of the LMU – China Academic Network. Aim of the interdisciplinary conference is to support scientists to initiate and extend existing contacts and interactions within the LMU-China Academic Network.

The intention of this event is to identify common research interests and lay the foundation for new joint research projects.

Theme of the LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum 2023: RE:search

It is finally time to RE:connect in person, RE:flect on transformations and new perspectives. How do we want to RE:start our cooperation? The LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum provides an opportunity to “RE:search”.

During the Scientific Forum in Munich researchers from LMU have the opportunity to work together with their colleagues from the ChAN partner universities in a broad variety of subject-specific formats, such as workshops, panel discussions, work meetings, visits of institutes, guest lectures etc. These individual formats are submitted in the call below by two principal investigators and include the proposal of further researchers planned to participate in these activities.

The activities of these subject-specific groups will be complemented by plenary keynotes and joint information sessions. Networking events offer excellent opportunities to meet colleagues and share experiences. The plenary activities will be conducted in English.

Call for the LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum 2023

The call is open to all disciplines and recognizes the different cultures and requirements across disciplines and the current status of collaboration. Therefore, the concrete outline of a panel, session, workshop or other project-specific activity in this call may be designed in a very open manner, if needed.

Abstract submission (deadline: 20 June 2023)

  • Completed Online Form: https://lmu.moveon4.de/form/64103c1e2334cd3cd174a4f4/eng
    (filled in by LMU partner)
  • Description of the joint research interest and preliminary program of the planned activities (max. 2 pages), including abstract (max. 300 words), the expected outcome and impact
  • A list of the expected speakers and participants
  • CVs of the principal investigator at LMU and the principal investigator of an LMU-ChAN network university

Communication of results

Individual registration of speakers (deadline: 20 July 2023)

  • completed personal registration incl. CV
  • costs which can be covered by partner institutions (travel costs)

Funding for the LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum

LMU Munich covers the costs of the event in Munich including

Participants to the Forum will have preferential access, if they apply for further mobility funding with China administrated by LMU Munich International Office until October 2024 (LMU-ChAN, LMU-CSC program, LMUexchange, Erasmus+).

Travel costs (flight & visa) are usually covered by our Chinese Partner Institutions. In justified cases travel costs can also be covered by LMU Munich.

The LMU-ChAN Scientific Forum is open to academic participation from outside the network. Please note, that LMU Munich cannot cover costs for those participants.


  • arrival in Munich
  • guided city tour
  • welcome reception & dinner

  • plenary session
  • workshops and other project-specific activities

  • workshops and other project specific activities
  • wrap-up of the Scientific Forum

  • optional: project-based extended research activities (e.g. lab work, work on paper etc)
  • departure


Hannah Weckemann

International Office

LMU-China Academic Network (ChAN), LMUexchange: Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan

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