LMU - CSC scholarship program

The China Scholarship Council (CSC), in cooperation with LMU, offers scholarships to highly qualified Chinese candidates who wish to study and/or carry out research at LMU.

LMU - CSC program at a glance

In 2005, LMU Munich was the first German university to sign an agreement with the China Scholarship Council (CSC). All degree courses taught at LMU are open to LMU-CSC students. Interested candidates can choose from two funding lines:

  • Full doctoral study model (Model 1): With financial support from CSC, candidates complete three or four years (36 or 48 months) of study and research at LMU Munich. The doctoral degree is conferred by LMU.
  • Sandwich model (Model 2): Candidates pursue the first one or two years of their doctoral program at their home university in China. Doctoral students then complete one or two years (12 or 24 months) of research at LMU with financial support from CSC, and return to China to finalize their research. The doctoral degree is conferred by the Chinese university.

The LMU-CSC program has since become so well established that it now forms a key element of the strategic cooperation between LMU and Chinese academic institutions.

15th anniversary of the LMU-CSC program

7 Min. | 11 Jan 2022

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Applications for 2024 are closed. The next round of applications for 2025 will open in October 2024.


  • Candidates must be citizens of the PR of China.
  • Age limit: 35 years; for specific doctoral programs at LMU this age limit may vary.
  • Candidates must have completed a research-oriented Master's program at a university in China ("Double First Class University" (双一流) is preferred) or elsewhere (i.e. Germany, US etc.).
  • Candidates must have completed a Bachelor's and Master's degree with a score of 80 or above in the Chinese grading system.

Outline of the selection process

  • First Step: Once you have been accepted by LMU, the International Office of LMU will provide you with an acceptance letter officially confirming your eligibility to apply for an LMU-CSC fellowship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC).
  • Second Step: You then submit all required documents, including LMU's letter of acceptance, to the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and complete the entire application process.

Please note: LMU's International Office will not forward your application documents to the CSC!

Application period

  • Deadlines: The application period begins in October and ends on 15 February of the following year.

Required application documents

Please submit your current curriculum vitae.

  • The letter of acceptance must include the following information:
  • Confirmation by your LMU supervisor that she/he accepts you as a doctoral student in the LMU-CSC program.
  • The exact period of your study at LMU (September [please fill in the respective year] till August [please fill in the respective year])
  • Confirmation of your language proficiency (we suggest that the LMU supervisor conducts a video interview with the candidate prior to issuing the letter)

The candidate must submit the letter of acceptance to the CSC!

  • Full doctoral study model: Bachelor's degree certificate, certified transcript of Bachelor's academic record, Master's enrollment certificate, or Master's degree with certified transcript of Master's academic record.
  • Sandwich model: Bachelor's degree certificate, certified transcript of Bachelor's academic record, Master's degree certificate with certified transcript of Master's academic record, PhD enrollment certificate.

All these certificates must be authenticated in English or German by the appropriate authority in China.

  • Full doctoral study model: The research proposal must be signed by both the candidate and the relevant supervisor at LMU.
  • Sandwich model: The research proposal must be signed by the candidate, the relevant supervisor at LMU and the candidate's supervisor of his/her home university in China.

  • A Certificate of Proficiency in English, equivalent to IELTS Test Academic 6.5 (no module below 6) or TOEFL IBT 95, is required.
  • In some subject areas (e.g. Law, Philosophy, Political Sciences, Communication Sciences, Sociology and German Studies), a Certificate of Proficiency in German, equivalent to Test-DAF (no module below 4) or DSH-2, is required.

Two letters of recommendation should be sent directly from your referees to LMU-CSC Office: csc.international@lmu.de

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Your benefits as an LMU - CSC student

The CSC provides students with a comprehensive financial support package that comprises travel expenses and a monthly stipend, which enables students to concentrate fully on their research project for the duration of their stay in Munich.

During the first month of their stay (usually September), LMU offers a special orientation program for scholars of the LMU–CSC Program, which comprises the following features:

  • Airport pick-up service
  • Practical assistance (e.g. opening a bank account, enrollment, registration with local authorities)
  • Intercultural coaching
  • Intensive language course
  • Excursions

LMU helps students to find a place in one of our student hostels for the first year of their stay and assists in locating appropriate private lodgings.

During the whole duration of their stay, students will receive tuition both within and outside their research unit. On completion of two academic years, CSC students are expected to present their research projects in a poster session organized by LMU's International Office. This measure helps research students to monitor their personal progress.

The LMU-China Alumni Network (LMU-CAN) started in October 2017. It has been organized by LMU-CSC alumni, and actively supported by LMU`s International Office.

The purpose of the Alumni Network is to act as a platform for communication and cooperation between alumni from China who studied or are still studying at LMU. It provides resources for collaborative activities, and hosts academic discussions about science (and its possible limits), current research topics, academic innovation and interdisciplinary issues.

The LMU-China Almuni Network organizes an annual Forum, which promotes academic cooperation among LMU alumni, facilitates the integration of disciplines, and enhances the overall popularity of LMU at home and abroad.

The 1st LMU-China Alumni Network Forum took place in August 2018 in Shanghai with the topic “Transformation of Scientific and Technology Achievements & Collaborative Innovation”. The 2nd Forum was also held in Shanghai in October 2019 with the topic “Intelligent City and Multidiscipline Approach”.

Join the LMU-China Alumni Network and stay connected with LMU! To become a member, please contact our LMU-CSC alumni Mr Hao FENG.

The next LMU-China Alumni Forum will be announced once planned.


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