LMU at a glance

LMU, a leading university in Europe, looks back on a more than 500 year-long tradition. Its vibrant campuses are distributed in and around Munich, a city renowned for culture and the sciences. The following short guide points out some of LMU's unique features.

LMU by the numbers

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but the parts can be depicted in numbers.

Facts and figures

Honors awarded to LMU and its members

LMU's accolades range from honors for students to Leibniz Prizes and Nobel Prizes as well as research funding from Germany's Excellence Strategy.


History of LMU

The history of LMU over the course of more than five centuries is a fascinating tale, full of unforeseen developments.


LMU's campuses

The university with its various campuses forms part of Munich's cityscape.

LMU's campuses

LMU in and around Munich

LMU is an integral part of the cultural and scientific riches for which Munich is renowned.

LMU & Munich

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