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Latest findings, current debates - INSIGHTS features research at LMU. The latest issue focuses on the topic "Really?" Is the boundary between natural and artificial increasingly fading?

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schütze.

Polyglot machines

How artificial intelligence learns the rich variety of human languages: Hinrich Schütze, computational linguist at LMU, researches multilingual software that can do small languages.

Polyglot machines

The noise of money

Trading on milliseconds: LMU researcher Ryan Riordan investigates how the forward march of ultra-fast computer-based trading affects securities markets.

The noise of money

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Portrait of PD Dr. Barbara Cludius
Yurt in the Mongolian steppe


Some scientific terms manage to make their way into everyday speech. Here, we ask LMU researchers to tell us what they mean – to define them, and to outline how they became popular.

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FOCUS: Call of the wild - What nature asks of us

Climate crisis and species extinction have become ever-present threats, not only for humans. They endanger non-human nature in our environment as well as outside the engineered world - in the wilderness. But what do we see in this term anyway? An analysis.

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Joris Peters

The strange world of the ocean deep

Life exists even miles under the sea, where microorganisms create peculiar ecosystems. Geobiologist William Orsi explores this fascinating wilderness in the remote depths, a place where time has another meaning.

The strange world of the ocean deep

A question about the future: The big EINSICHTEN interview

In each issue of our research magazine, we discuss important issues of our time with experts from LMU.

On the origin of life: How the world came into being

Desiccated maize, Brandenburg, early September 2022

Crops in planetary stress test

Global change is pushing the Earth to its limits. In this EINSICHTEN interview, geographer Marianela Fader and biologist Dario Leister discuss how nature and agriculture are adapting, and being adapted, to changing habitats.

Crops in planetary stress test

Questions about our future: A conversation with experts from LMU

The figure

The science behind the data

Stone Age bird hunting

This is how many different bird species people hunted around the world's oldest stone circle 11,000 years ago.

Wobbly earth axis

ROMY, the world's only ring laser, can measure deviations in the alignment of the Earth's axis with an accuracy of one arc second.

Infectious multiplication

This is how many daughter cells the parasite Toxoplasma gondii can form in a single host cell.

Structures in the fog

AI tools such as the Stable Diffusion model developed by Björn Ommer are teaching computers how to see and paint. A portrait

Structures in the fog

Hikikomori: Disappearing quietly

Alone in the room: There are hundreds of thousands of them, people who withdraw from the world at a young age. Japanologist Evelyn Schulz on a phenomenon of social withdrawal

Disappearing quietly

Conversations with:

Portrait of Dr. Margit Dirscherl
Prof. Dr. Daniel Gruen

Algorithms to peek into the universe

Astrophysicist Daniel Grün uses artificial intelligence to explore the influence of dark matter and dark energy on the Universe.

Algorithms to peek into the universe

Living in the face of doom

“The society was constantly in motion": Ancient historian Martin Zimmermann on the spirit of optimism and sense of crisis in the Greek polis

Living in the face of doom

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