Application process for 200 Euro one-time payment starts

15 Mar 2023

Beginning March 15, 2023, LMU students may apply for the one-time payment by the Federal Government.

Ein Sparschwein in einem Vorlesungsraum der LMU.


Only those students who were registered on December 1, 2022 are eligible to receive the 200 Euro one-time payment, according to the Students’ Energy Price Allowance Act (EPPSG); those not eligible include visiting students and visiting students in the study program for senior citizens as well as students in Studienkolleg.

The application for the 200 Euro one-time payment can only be filed online at

To file the application you need an access code provided to you by the university. You can get this access code via the online self-service function for LMU students. There you will also get the PIN which is necessary in certain instances.

For further information please see the ABC Study Guide.

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