Bone-chilling cold and Olympic fever

1 Mar 2019

Tobias Müller, a student of Informatics at LMU, is currently wearing his other hat – as a freestyle skier and participant in the Winter Universiade 2019, an international sports competition for students and recent graduates. The event is being hosted ...

The Universiade began on Saturday and lasts until March 12. Tobias will have to be on top form if he is to bring home a medal. His special discipline, slopestyle, makes particularly difficult demands on concentration and timing. It involves negotiating a steep obstacle course littered with ramps and platforms, and doing so in truly Siberian temperatures. Each competitor’s performance is rated by a jury on the basis of the heights attained, the degree of difficulty and the variety of the maneuvers exhibited.

Two LMU students actually qualified for places on the 24-member German team for the Winter Universiade 2019, but cross-country skier Johannes Denner had to withdraw due to injury. The Universiade is held every two years, and each takes place in a different country.

LMU students can follow the goings-on in the stadiums and on the slopes in and around Krasnojarsk live. Tobias will be your host from March 4-10 on LMU‘s Takeover Channel , and will present his impressions of the slopestyle course as well as taking viewers behind the scenes at the event. And in the accompanying video he explains how he manages he manages to successfully combine his studies with his favorite sport:

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