Cell biology: Quality control in mitochondria

2 Sep 2021

LMU cell biologist Christof Osman reports in the journal Science Advances


Mitochondria produce the energy needed for essential processes in our cells. They possess their own genomes, and mutations in mitochondrial genes can lead to disorders and promote aging.

New findings made by Christof Osman and his research group have shed light on how cells distinguish between defective and intact copies of the mitochondrial genome, and selectively eliminate those that are defective. Folds in the inner mitochondrial membrane play a major role in this mechanism.

Christopher Jakubke, Rodaria Roussou, Andreas Maiser, Christina Schug, Felix Thoma, David Bunk, David Hörl, Heinrich Leonhardt, Peter Walter, Till Klecker, Christof Osman: Cristae-dependent quality control of the mitochondrial genome. Science Advances 2021

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