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2 May 2022

The diversity initiative "Diversity4Research@LMU" starts on 12 May with numerous exhibitions, guided tours, lectures, and workshops. At the core of the event series is the question: "How does diversity enhance research?".

Diversity in research? Sure! The consideration of gender and diversity aspects has now arrived in many areas of science — this includes not only diversity-related research topics, but also the development and design of diversity-sensitive research methods. “Diversity4Research@LMU" offers an insight into this subject. On May 12, the initiative starts with more than 30 different on-site and digital events. Students, employees and researchers — the entire LMU community — as well as interested members of the public are invited.

The initiator of "Diversity4Research@LMU," Professor Francesca Biagini, LMU's Vice President for International Affairs and Diversity, sees great potential in the integration of diversity dimensions in research. "A multidisciplinary and diversity-sensitive approach to research topics promotes excellence and innovation. By considering diversity aspects, novel solutions to complex societal challenges can be developed," says Biagini.

Some of these challenges will be highlighted in the panel discussion during the initiative’s kick-off event. Researchers from various disciplines will speak about "Gender- and diversity-sensitive research as a driver for excellence and innovation across disciplines" and illustrate the relevance with hands-on examples.

On 12 May, the Diversity Initiative 2022 will start under the motto "Diversity4Research@LMU" with a big kick-off event.

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In addition to events from the Arts, Humanities and Cultural Sciences, the initiative also includes contributions from the Social Sciences, Law and Economics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics as well as Medicine. Vice President Biagini's goal is to raise awareness across disciplines. "This year's initiative, which will take place at our university from May to July, is designed to highlight the importance of diversity in science and research," Biagini said. "I hope the initiative can inspire to consider multiple perspectives in research.”

The exhibitions, tours, lectures and workshops in "Diversity4Research@LMU" are clustered into four themes and are as diverse as the topic suggests. Events from "Diversity as Research Method" shed light on how gender- and diversity-sensitive research can improve the quality of science and contribute to innovation.

On the other hand, participants can learn more about current research projects that deal with diversity as a research topic in various dimensions in the category "Diversity as Research Content".

The area "Diversity as Creative Advantage" is also particularly varied. This focuses on interactive and creative events such as exhibitions, city tours, and readings that make diversity in research a special experience for the LMU community.

And if you're interested in who the people behind the research are, take a closer look at the events in the section "Diverse Teams & Talents".

Vice President Biagini is already looking forward to the events and to the exchange they are intended to initiate: "I am particularly happy about the positive feedback and the participation of LMU's faculties and institutions, and I would like to thank everyone who support the initiative. The many contributions show that diversity at LMU is already being addressed in a variety of ways. It is my personal intention to bring the members of the LMU community together through the initiative, to promote dialogue and diversity in science. Take the opportunity and participate!"

For more information on the initiative and to register for the individual events, please visit the "Diversity4Research" page.

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