Former LMU Chancellor dies

9 May 2022

Dr. Hendrik Rust passed away on 23 April 2022 at the age of 83.

Dr. Hendrik Rust, Chancellor of LMU from 1989 to his retirement in 2003, was deeply respected by his colleagues in a series of University management teams, at the faculties and throughout the administrative apparatus. A legal expert who enjoyed good relationships with the ministries and who combined a rational mind with a meticulous style of work, he was instrumental in readying LMU Munich for the far-reaching changes faced by German universities after the turn of the millennium. He guided the affairs of the University administration prudently and energetically and, as part of the management team, crucially charted a course toward modernization. His introduction of the departmental structure, for example, gave LMU a set of economically efficient budget units. He was likewise heavily involved in driving the expansion of the HighTechCampusLMU at Grosshadern/Martinsried – today an LMU flagship in its own right.

The loss of its former Chancellor Dr. Rust deprives LMU Munich of a highly regarded member of past University management teams. Our sincerest condolences go to his widow and family. His death leaves a painful void, and his memory will always be held in the highest esteem.

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