Humboldt Research Award for Emmanuel Bermon

12 Aug 2021

Philosopher Emmanuel Bermon, who has received a Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Award from the Humboldt Foundation, will spend the next academic year at LMU.

Professor Dr. Emmanuel Bermon

Emmanuel Bermon, Professor of Classical Philosophy at the Université Bordeaux Montaigne (France), is an internationally acknowledged specialist in St. Augustine’s philosophy of language and theory of grammar. His latest work, which is now in press, is a monograph on Augustine’s Correspondence with Nebridius. Beginning in September 2021, Bermon will spend a year at LMU as the guest of Professor Therese Fuhrer, who holds the Chair of Classical Latin Literature in the Department of Greek and Latin Philology.

While at LMU, he plans to complete a Reader’s Guide to Augustine’s philosophical dialog De Magistro, and will also work on two other projects. One of these focuses on the Ars breviata, a Latin grammar which is attributed to Augustine. The other will examine Wittgenstein‘s response to Augustine’s treatment of the concept of ineffability.

A manuscript of Augustine’s treatise on the Trinity, written in 1475, University Library of LMU Munich, 2° Cod. ms. 5

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is a foundation set up by the Federal Republic of Germany, whose mission is to promote international cooperation in science and research. The Foundation supports scientific collaborations that establish links between international and German research.

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