“KI-Lectures”: The question of responsibility

21 Dec 2021

LMU researchers discuss the ethical challenges of artificial intelligence as part of the “KI-Lectures” series.

In the LMU’s “KI-Lectures” series of virtual lectures, LMU researchers discussed ethical aspects of artificial intelligence. The key theme was the question of responsibility. To answer this question, it is helpful to consider the difference between man and machine from a philosophical perspective, as Timo Greger, Scientific Coordinator in the Faculty of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Religious Studies, explained. “In summary, we can say that we humans are controlled by reasons. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is controlled by algorithms,” says Greger. “This categoric difference helps us to be in a position to pin down who bears responsibility in a given case, say in the case of discrimination or mistakes by artificial intelligence.”


From care robots to military drones: Ethical challenges posed by artificial intelligence

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To ensure that as few errors as possible occur when using autonomous vehicles or care robots, for example, AI must be trustworthy. Fiorella Battaglia, Priv.-Doz. (visiting lecturer) at the Chair in Philosophy and Political Theory, explained that this notion is connected with normative expectations: “Trustworthy AI involves three components: It must be lawful, ethical and robust.” However, tensions can arise in practice, say if the system is not transparent or if it leads to discrimination.

The lectures and debate are moderated by Professor Martin Wirsing, Professor of Computer Sciences at LMU and a distinguished expert in programming, software engineering and development, and are available now on LMU’s YouTube channel.

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21 Dec 2021

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