LMU and NYU formalize strategic cooperation

7 Jan 2018

The Presidents of LMU and New York University (NYU), Professors Bernd Huber and Andrew Hamilton, have formally agreed to set up the LMU-NYU Research Cooperation Program, which will greatly strengthen the ties between the two institutions.

The agreement promises to boost research collaboration between the two universities in all subject areas and in a variety of formats. Among other things, it includes a commitment to establish a Guest Professorship at NYU, which will enable LMU researchers to spend up to 12 months working at NYU. The agreement also envisages the identification and realization of specific collaborative research projects. Regular opportunities for intensive discussions between researchers from both institutions are also planned, together with research workshops and joint publications.

The new venture will be financed jointly by both partners. Professor Tobias Kretschmer of the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization (IST O) in the Faculty of Business Studies will serve as Coordinator of the LMU-NYU Research Cooperation Program in Munich. His counterpart in New York will be Professor Dirk Trauner, who recently moved to NYU from his previous position in the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at LMU. “This new partnership with New York University is another important element in LMU’s international research strategy,” says LMU President Professor Bernd Huber. The first of the common projects are expected to get underway before the end of the year.

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