LMU merchandise for up to 40% less

2 Jun 2020

Do you miss that LMU feeling? Then why not take advantage of the sale at the LMU Shop to order something for your home-office or for outdoor use? T-shirts, sports bags and lots of other items are now on offer at reduced prices.

LMU Shop Textilien

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The Summer Sale in the LMU Webshop is now underway, and ends on July 31st.

A stylish LMU shirt is sure to harmonize with the decor in your home office (it might even help to activate those brain cells!). – And on shopping trips LMU-branded bags and backpacks signal your affiliation (and attachment) to your University. With reductions of up to 40% on many products in the Webshop, now is the time to buy! Office supplies in LMU style are also available for less during the sale.

Highlights from the sale at the LMU Webshop:

LMU shirts for up to 40% less

LMU hoodies for 10% less

LMU mugs and cups for 20% less

LMU bags and backpacks for 20% less

All offers are valid from June 1st on LMU’s online Webshop. The LMU Shop at Leopoldstrasse 13 remains closed until further notice.

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