LMU once again excellently placed in the NATURE Index

20 Jun 2022

Renewed recognition for LMU’s research output: In this year’s NATURE Index of research publications, LMU again ranks very highly.

Das Hauptgebäude der LMU von der Seite. Im Hintergrund ist die Ludwigskirche zu erkennen


The NATURE Index tracks the articles published by research institutes and universities in a total of 82 scientific journals. The latest edition of the Index puts LMU worldwide in 64th slot, up one place from the previous year. LMU also ranks eighth in Europe.

The top slots in Europe go to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and ETH Zurich. There is no change among the global leaders, which are Harvard University, Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), all from the USA.

For details of the ranking methodology

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