LMU Open Access Fund – New funding options for scientific publications

24 Feb 2022

The LMU Open Access Fund subsidizes the cost of Open Access publications for the university’s academics.

To ensure that the conditions needed to maintain its high-volume publication output remain optimal going forward, the LMU has, within the framework of the “Open Access Publication Costs” tender initiated by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG (German Research Foundation), acquired funding of around 2.5 million euros for the period from January 2022 through December 2024. In addition, LMU is contributing 150,000 euros of its own money to promote Open Access monographs. The aim is to help Open Access become more firmly established across the many and varied academic disciplines and publication cultures, and to help mitigate the financial challenges involved.

Academics at LMU who are ‘corresponding authors’ of a Gold Open Access article or an Open Access monograph can apply for a publication cost subsidy of up to 700 euros for articles or up to 5,000 euros for a monograph.

Applications for a publication cost subsidy must be submitted online. Detailed information about the ‘LMU Open Access Fund’ and funding requirements is published at the university library's website.

You can also contact the university library by mail.

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