Lucas Jae receives Vallee Scholarship

6 Oct 2023

Biochemist Lucas Jae, Professor of Functional Genomics at LMU’s Gene Center Munich, has been awarded a prestigious scholarship by the Vallee Foundation.

© Uwe Dettmar

The mission of the foundation is to advance medical education and biomedical science and to promote a collegial community of international scientists. By means of a grant of 340,000 US dollars to be spent over a period of four years, the scholarship supports outstanding junior faculty carrying out basic biomedical research. Using a unique screening system, Lucas Jae investigates the genetic and molecular foundations of the role of mitochondria – often referred to as the powerhouses of the cell – in human diseases. Mitochondrial defects can lead to severe, often incurable illnesses, as they play an important role in metabolism.

With the goal of finding novel approaches for future treatments, Jae combines innovative methods of genome manipulation which he developed himself with synthetic biology and genome-wide screenings at the single-cell level, while also drawing on traditional biochemistry and cell biology methods. In recognition of his work, Jae has previously been honored with prestigious awards, including the Alfried Krupp Prize, the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize, the Aventis Life Sciences Bridge Award, and an ERC Starting Grant. The Selection Committee of the Vallee Scholarship considered not only the quality and potential of Jae’s research, but also his commitment to fostering a diverse work environment.

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