New Courses

18 Oct 2018

Winter Semester 2018/19 sees the addition of one new Bachelor’s course and four new Master’s courses to LMU’s curriculum. The latter will be taught entirely in English.

Bachelor’s Course in Classical Studies This course deals with the history, culture and literature of Classical Greece and Rome. It therefore covers aspects of the traditional fields of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Latin and Greek Studies. Its broad thematic content will be complemented by a pronounced focus on current areas of research. The language of instruction is German, but parts of the course will be given in English.Learn More

Master’s Course in Human Biology – Principles of Health and Disease Significant advances in medicine are increasingly emerging from research at the interface between the fields of biology and medicine. The new, interdisciplinary Master’s course in Human Biology – Principles of Health and Disease, which will be taught in English, seeks to bridge the gap between the two subjects. The program is designed for students who are interested in questions that concern both biologists and healthcare specialists. Its aim is to provide students with a sound interdisciplinary knowledge of the scientific basis of both fields, and of current research topics in biology and their implications for clinical practice.Learn More

Master’s Course in Molecular and Cellular Biology Molecular and Cell Biology are now making an enormous contribution to the discovery and development of new pharmaceuticals, energy sources and enzymes for industrial applications. The new Master’s course in Molecular and Cellular Biology at LMU’s Biomedical Center, which will be taught in English, combines modern molecular methods with a range of specialized disciplines such as Cell Biology, Genetics, Human Biology, Genomics and Microbiology.Learn More

Master’s Course in Plant Sciences This new course covers both classical botanical disciplines and modern methodologies in plant sciences: The Master’s course in Plant Sciences, which will be taught in English at LMU’s Biocenter, is intended to prepare students for careers in organismic botany and to acquaint them with, and arouse their interest in the molecular mechanisms that underlie plant life and plant evolution. The course will cover the fields of Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Cell Biology, Systematics and Species Interactions.Learn More

Master’s Course in International Health The Master’s course in International Health is a new further-education course, taught in English, which is being offered for the first time in this coming Winter Semester. Designed and organized by the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine and the Center for International Health, this Master’s program focuses specifically on health risks in lower- and middle-income groups. With its interdisciplinary approach and global perspective, the program is intended to inform students about current issues in public health, transmissible and chronic diseases, health economics and healthcare policy.Learn More

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