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17 Jun 2024

LMU offers extensive information on how to apply for a study place. The application deadline for international students is 15 July.

Whether the ink is still drying on your high school diploma or it's been a while since you graduated, starting a new degree program is always a big adventure that comes with a lot of decisions. Which city? Which university? Which course of study? And of course: How do I get a place at university in the first place? The answer to this question is not so simple. It's easy to lose track of all the restricted-admission, and open-admission programs. To make it easier for you to start your studies, LMU offers comprehensive information about the application process and the associated deadlines.

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Nationwide restricted admission degree programs

An admission restriction for degree programs means that a limited number of study places are available. These places are usually determined due to capacity restrictions at universities or due to increased demand in certain subject areas.

Particularly popular courses of study, such as the subjects of medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, are subject to admission restrictions throughout Germany and are allocated through a central allocation process run by the Foundation for University Admission. The deadline for high school graduates who received their diploma after 16 January of the current year is currently 15 July. Applications can be submitted via the portal.

Further information on applying for nationally restricted admission programs at LMU

Degree programs with local admission restrictions

In addition to the nationwide admission restriction, it is possible that some degree programs are locally more in demand than there are places available. For example, it can happen that a course of study is free of admission at one university, while it is subject to admission restrictions at another university.

At LMU, for example, these are Bachelor's and Staatsexamens programs such as law, psychology, business administration or computer science. You can find out whether a degree program has local admission restrictions by using the LMU Degree Program Finder. The deadline for these programs in the first and higher semesters is 15 July. Attention: A minor subject in a two-subject bachelor's degree can also be admission-restricted and require an application, even if the major subject is admission-free.

Further information on applying for locally restricted admission programs at LMU

Further information on applying to higher semesters in degree programs with local admission restrictions

International applicants

The binding application deadline for international students (for all subjects for non-EU citizens and for non-admission restricted subjects for foreign EU citizens) for the winter semester 2023/24 is also 15 July.

Information about the application at the International Office of LMU

Admission-free degree programs

For subjects that are not subject to admission restrictions, the LMU's central admission procedure is not applicable for German nationals and persons with a German education diploma. However, faculties may conduct their own procedures such as aptitude tests, pre-registration or study orientation procedures. The deadlines for these are set by the faculties themselves and may differ. Information is available on the respective pages of the study programs in the LMU Degree Program Finder.

Further information on admission-free degree programs at LMU

Application submitted?

With the application, you have taken the first step towards studying at LMU. Now it's time to wait until the letter of admission arrives. With that, there is nothing standing in the way of enrollment.

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