Quantum optics: New platform for light-matter coupling

28 Oct 2021

LMU physicists Samarth Vadia and Alexander Högele report in PRX Quantum


The field of experimental quantum optics roots in our ability to control interaction between light and matter. A new work published by LMU-physicists led by Samarth Vadia and Alexander Högele tackles the challenge of engineering Fabry-Pérot cavities that simultaneously present large tunability, high mechanical stability, and operate at cryogenic temperatures under closed-cycle conditions by a combination of vibration reduction techniques.

Using this novel open cryo-cavity platform, they demonstrated the formation of exciton-polaritons with two-dimensional semiconductors as a hallmark of strong light-matter coupling. Our results establish the platform as a promising hardware to advance the field of solid-state quantum technologies.

Samarth Vadia, Johannes Scherzer, Holger Thierschmann, Clemens Schäfermeier, Claudio Dal Savio, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, David Hunger, Khaled Karraï, and Alexander Högele. Open-Cavity in Closed-Cycle Cryostat as a Quantum Optics Platform. PRX Quantum

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