Rollout of the new LMUcard

22 Mar 2019

Rollout of the new LMUcard is underway, and the IT Service Desk has been kept busy: Over 1000 LMUcards have already been issued, and in the course of the coming Summer Term every student will receive one.

The printer goes ‘click!’ – and another LMUcard emerges from the slot. This one bears the number 1000. Moyan signs his name and his new multifunctional student’s card is ready for use. The students on the IT Service Desk have been kept on their toes. “Students have been turning up to collect their cards by the minute,” Sema reports. “The procedure only takes a moment or two at all. All we need is an ID and confirmation of registration for the Summer Semester 2019.”

The route to an LMUcard is made up of three stages: notification, application and collection. “The LMUcard is being issued in waves in order to avoid the prospect of queues that extend as far as the Odeonsplatz,” explains Alexander Loechel, head of the LMUcard project in LMU’s IT Division. “Notifications have been sent to about 5000 students since February. We plan to increase the number of notifications significantly, starting in April. When the notification arrives in your mailbox, all you have to do is apply for the LMUcard online and you can pick it up at the IT Service Desk on the same day.” To avoid possible complications, Loechel recommends that one should check the status of the application before setting off to pick it up. The student can do this online at any time following submission of the application.

As so often with innovations, the introductory phase has uncovered a few minor glitches with the LMUcard. “We have experienced some problems with photos that were uploaded in the Safari browser. But we have arranged for photos to be taken on the spot, if necessary.” And Herr Loechel has one last point to make. “The whole procedure could be optimized if every student who has applied for the LMUcard would kindly collect it within 5 working days after submission of the application. This ensures that we can send out notifications at the maximum rate, so that everyone gets the card as soon as possible.”

Any questions regarding the new LMUcard? The IT-Servicedesk can help . Just send an e-mail to .

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