The first week in pictures

15 Oct 2018

You will notice a lot more hustle and bustle on campus now. It will be the first experience of campus life for thousands of students. Get a visual taste of the first week of lectures.

Friday 4.15pmBefore the start of a well-deserved weekend, it is worth taking a detour to the university library and taking a look at the exhibition "Revolutionary everyday life - student life in Munich, 1968". Flyers will give you a fascinating insight into the everyday student life of the time.

Friday 11.30amIt is not uncommon for the main building to be compared to Hogwarts - whenever you lose your way, the gatekeeper will always be pleased to help.

Friday, 9.00amStill have questions? Then pick up the phone and dial 2180-9000. The student information service is available every day from 9.00am and would be happy to answer your queries related to studying at LMU.

Thursday, 3.20pmThe semester may be young, but the libraries are seeing plenty of activity.

Thursday, 8.00amEscaping from the clutches of bed: a steady stream of students make their way to LMU

Wednesday, 4.30pmStudents Marius and Bruno take advantage of the last rays of sunshine in the English Garden

Wednesday, 12.20pmFinished just in time for the start of semester: the new StuBistro on the Martinsreid Campus - enjoy your meal!

Wednesday, 10.15amAn international vibe - Dr Dagmar Hanndelivers a lecture in Biology

Wednesday, 9:40amA tranquil morning atmosphere in front of the LMU Biozentrum

Wednesday, 7:15amEarly morning at the High Tech Campus: to be early is to own the lab.

Tuesday, 15:45pmAfter a lecture: collaborating in a sidewalk cafe

Tuesday, at noonBack to business: Professor Andreas Richter delivers a business lecture in the Audimax

Tuesday, 11:30amBetween lectures: discussions, relaxation, meditation

Tuesday, 9amSo many scooters and bicycles - clearly the diligent students have already settled into their lectures

Monday, 7:30omA long first day of the new semester has come to an end - and it is a delightful 20 degrees on the Geschwister-Scholl-Platz...

Monday, 6:20pmLMU-Green continues with the band The Unduster

Monday, 6pmLMU President Bernd Huber wishes all new students a great start to their studies.

Monday, 5:45pmThe historic atrium (Lichthof) - full of eager students ready to commence their studies.

Monday, 3pmOne of many stands at the orientation fair - information is readily available on a wide variety of themes - institutes are keen to present themselves.

Monday, 1:30pmThe first day of semester in the main building of LMU. Freshmen collect their bags and head off to the fair.

Monday, 11:30amThe first lectures have already ended. Some students head over to the cafeteria, while others relax and enjoy the sun on Geschwister-Scholl-Platz.

Monday, 9:30amWaking up: One more latte macchiato before the first lecture of the year.

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