Video: Daniel Grün on the challenges of cosmology

9 Feb 2022

Ever-improving telescopes and measurement technology in astronomy could help researchers unlock the secrets of the universe. However, the huge amounts of data bring their own challenges, as Professor Daniel Grün explains.

At 1,838 meters above sea level, LMU's highest site towers above the cloud cover: the Wendelstein Observatory. Now part of the Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, the telescope has been helping LMU scientists take a closer look at the universe since 2011. Daniel Grün, holder of the Chair of Astrophysics, Cosmology and Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Physics, also relies on data from the Wendelstein to observe the sky.

But one observatory is no longer enough today. Meanwhile, giant telescopes around the world generate millions upon millions of images to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Researchers are in danger of drowning in the flood of data. In the video, Daniel Grün talks about the challenges, problems and possible solutions of modern astronomy.

"Cosmology is at a dead end" - Is AI the solution?

Prof. Dr. Daniel Gruen

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4.30 Min. | 9 Feb 2022

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