Video: Understanding volcanos

1 Apr 2021

Corrado Cimarelli is a volcanologist. He studies volcanic eruptions, collects samples on the spot, and uses them as the basis for simulations in the lab.

“Some volcanos, such as Stromboli and Etna, are very active, and they give us the opportunity to study sequences of eruptions,” says PD Dr. Corrado Cimarelli of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at LMU in this new video, which was recorded in his laboratory at LMU.

Cimarelli is primarily interested in the crystals that are present in magma. “They testify to the transformations that magma undergoes during the course of an eruption,” he explains. “If we can understand how the crystalline materials in magma are deformed, we can understand what happens in the magma prior to an eruption, and this is equivalent to understanding the origins of eruptions.”

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3 | 1 Apr 2021

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