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Privacy disclaimer for the use of LMU’s social media channels

This page explains how Ludwig Maximilians Universität (LMU) in Munich handles personal data in the context of its various social media channels. LMU uses the following channels:






We use social media as one way of discharging our mission as a university, primarily for the purposes of public relations (PR) work and communication pursuant to Section 2 Para. 2 Sentences 3 and 4 and Section 12 Para. 5 of BayHIG (the Bavarian University Innovation Act).

LMU contact details

More information about LMU and how to contact us is provided in the Imprint. For details of how to contact LMU’s Data Protection Officer, please refer to LMU’s privacy policy for its web presence at

LMU privacy policy

Details of how LMU processes data in the context of the use of social media are provided in LMU’s privacy policy for its web presence at

Privacy policy and terms of service for social media providers

LMU’s websites (at do not transmit any user data to third-party providers, such as social networks, without the users’ prior consent. Third-party providers can access user data only if the users actively consent to data transmission, or if they click an external link and leave LMU’s websites. Each newly accessed page on the site of the social media provider is subject to the privacy policy and terms of service of the given site provider, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. Users are expressly requested to comply with the terms of service and privacy policy of the given social media provider.

Use of Page Insights and collective responsibility

Regarding the use of LMU fan pages, please note that, in this context, LMU makes use of what is known as the Page Insights function. This function concerns statistical information about the use of different websites made available by the platform operators. To ensure compliance with the requirements of the GDPR (the possible existence of joint controllers pursuant to Article 26 GDPR), Meta Platforms Ireland Ltd. (Facebook/Instagram) and Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube state in their Page Insights Supplements that, where joint controllers exist, the platform operator bears primary responsibility for the processing of Page Insights data and thus assumes all obligations in accordance with the GDPR, as well as taking care of the rights of the individuals affected (e.g. inquiries asking for information, revoking consent and/or requesting deletion). Users are therefore kindly requested to contact the platform operators to assert any relevant rights.

Amendments to privacy information

We reserve the right to regularly update this privacy policy in order to accommodate current legal requirements and technical modifications, and to ensure that our services and offerings are fully compliant with data protection law. Your use of any LMU social media channels will be governed by the version valid at the time of use in each case.

Netiquette at LMU Munich

Welcome to the social media channels of LMU Munich. The purpose of these channels is solely to engage in public relations (PR) work relating to the discharge of LMU’s primary mission. No one is obliged to use them. Similarly extensive information is also available regarding LMU’s various websites.

Your suggestions, ideas, constructive criticism, questions and praise enrich our social media presence. To make sure that is exactly what happens, we would kindly request that everyone observe a few basic rules. First, it is important to know that providers of social media are bound by Germany’s Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG), which requires illegal content to be reported to these providers. In particular, social media providers are under obligation to block or delete any and all illegal content without delay.

Irrespective of the requirement to report such content to the providers of social media in accordance with NetzDG, we also have the right (and are obliged) to report, hide and/or delete contributions that violate our own rules, without giving reasons where this is deemed appropriate. Under certain circumstances – for example in the event of severe or repeat violations – accounts may be placed under temporary restrictions or permanently blocked. The legal obligations pursuant to NetzDG remain unaffected, as does the obligation for public agencies to report any suspicion of criminal conduct to the law enforcement authorities and to assert any relevant legal rights (e.g. in the event that personal rights are infringed).

Always be respectful!

We are always happy to deal with constructive criticism and questions and will pass your feedback on accordingly. We are also happy to see you discussing issues with each other. But please show respect in doing so. Ad hominem attacks and insults directed at us, third parties or other community members will be removed without delay. We will also remove comments spreading content that, in particular, is defamatory, harmful to minors, anticonstitutional, racist, sexist, pornographic, discriminatory, that incites or glorifies violence or that is punishable by law.

Stick to the topic!

Your comments represent free speech and open debate on the issues discussed in our various posts. Please refrain from abusing the comments sections under posts for unrelated topics or purely private agendas. Such practices are neither appropriate nor useful. People’s right to respectful treatment must be upheld at all times, so please observe this principle. Objective/factual questions and criticisms on all other matters are also welcome in the form of direct messages.

Communicate clearly!

We want you all to understand each other. In addition, we want to properly fulfil our moderating responsibilities and be able to understand what is said. Since this can be guaranteed only in German and English, these are the two languages used for our communication. Please keep to this rule. Comments in other languages will be removed.

Do not post commercial content!

We are a public institution under Bavarian law and are therefore not authorized to display any contributions with commercial content, especially in order to preclude violations of competition law and third-party claims.

Stay within the law!

Content on our channels must comply with both the law and the rules of the given platform. Violations may be prosecuted and can result in personal liability. If you wish to quote third parties or post third-party or copyrighted material, please be sure to correctly cite the sources and authors and check whether you are authorized to use the material. To protect you, ourselves and third parties, we are obliged to remove any data and material that infringes your personal rights or those of third parties.

We reserve the right to amend and complement this list of netiquette rules.

We look forward to fruitful dialogue with you!

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