Human Resources (Division II)


The Human Resources Division provides personnel management services for LMU staff (other than professors) attending to all administrative aspects of personnel management. In addition, the Division is responsible for personal and organizational learning and development programs, reimbursement of business travel and relocation expenses as well as the organizational reintegration of staff (Betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement) and employment law issues. The University Records Office (Registratur) forms also part of the Division.

More employee services are provided by the In-House Medical Service, the University Staff Council, the University Women's Representative, the University Equality Officer, the Representative for the Severely Handicapped and the departmental and faculty secretariats.


  • Jan-Henrik Laschke (Head of Division)
  • Andreas Ueckermann (Deputy Head of Division)


For more information, see the Service Portal (password protected)

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  • Members of LMU's staff will find more specific descriptions of the services we offer, together with all relevant forms and contact details, on the Service Portal.
  • All relevant forms can also be accessed in the Form Center (password protected).

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