IT Services (Division VI)


Division VI is responsible for the provision of IT services required by the University's administration and research institutes. A major element of this task lies in the operation, continuous development and maintenance of centralized information management systems in the areas of Campus Management, Electronic Data Processing, Web and Online Services. In addition, we provide advice and support to the University's institutions in relation to the procurement of IT components in the context of CIP und WAP projects or invitations to tender, as well as procurement processes of large equipment items.


  • Dr. Oliver Diekamp (Head of Division)
  • Oskar Leipold (Deputy Head of Division)


For more information, see the Service Portal (password protected)

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  • Employees of LMU can access detailed descriptions of our IT services LMU, toegther with contact details via the Service Portal.
  • Other important information about the services offered by the IT Division can be found on the website maintained by the IT Service Desk.

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